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Which Glock Has The Longest Barrel?

While the Colt Buntline may have had a 12 inch barrel and looked a bit unweildy, there are plenty of pistols with longer barrels than most.

There’s always much barroom talk about barrel length affecting the muzzle velocity. It’s certainly one of the component parts of a round being effectively fired, especially if you are talking about self defense.

Rounds need the right velocity to expand correctly and do the most damage.

Many people also have a preferred manufacturer and Glock is one of the biggest in the business. So which Glock has the longest barrel?

The Glock G40 has the longest barrel at 6.02 inches. The overall length of this pistol is 9.49 inches. It is chambered for 10mm Auto, making it one of the most powerful Glock handguns.

Below is an overview of this handgun and how it compares to other Glock pistols.

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The Glock G40

Generally, Glock pistols are some of the most commonly used handguns – from law enforcement, hunting to self-defense. 

This is because they have a gun for almost every caliber, and well designed, and have been manufactured for around 40 years.

Their 10mm Auto collection is one of the most intriguing.

The 10mm Auto cartridge was one a standard cartridge in the FBI. But they later decommissioned it because of the recoil. They still use for cases that require a lot of stopping power.

Enough with the history. Let’s get back to the Glock G40. 

Like other Glock handguns, the G40 utilizes the polymer structure to make sure it’s not too heavy. It weighs 35.45 ounces, which is manageable considering the Glock 41 weighs 26.81 ounces. 

Since the 10mm has a smaller projectile than the .45 ACP, the G40’s magazine can hold 15 rounds plus one in the chamber.

Below is a brief comparison of the G40’s barrel length to other Glock handguns.

Handgun Barrel Length
Glock G40 6.02 inches
Glock G41 5.31 inches
Glock 43 3.39 inches
Glock 34 5.31 inches
Glock 21 4.60 inches
Glock 20 4.61 inches
Glock 19 4.02 inches
Glock 17 4.49 inches

The latest Glock 40 variant is the Glock 40 Gen4 MOS. 

This upgraded version comes with a reversible magazine and modular back straps that enable users to adjust their grip. 

The MOS configuration also allows you to mount different sites without installing an extra mounting system or an additional slide.

a glock 40 side view along a forearm


The recoil associated with 10mm Auto rounds is no myth since the G40 kicks like a mule. 

If it’s your first time firing the 10mm, you’ll feel like the handgun is all over the place due to the muzzle flip. 

You need to establish a firm grip and the proper stances to maintain accuracy with this handgun. 

The good thing is that the back straps enable you to adjust your grip. The G40’s extra-long frame and extra-long barrel enhance its accuracy.

In most cases, it will be more accurate than the G20, which has a 4.61-inch barrel. 

If you’ve fired the G20 or other smaller Glock handguns, then you might find the G40’s recoil to be manageable. This is because it’s heavier, and it may absorb most of the recoil from the round.

It comes with a 5.5lbs trigger, which is relatively smooth, and you’ll also love the reset feature. 

All Glock handguns have a trigger reset that allows you to shoot faster since the trigger will be traveling a shorter distance.

Advantages Of A Longer Barrel

A longer barrel leads to more accurate shots, at least in theory. But it’s not the only determining factor.

Other determining factors include the bullet weight (grain) and the rifling. These grooves cause the bullet to spin, maintaining gyroscopic stability as it moves towards the target. 

A longer barrel causes more spin, leading to more accurate shots. Again, as the theory goes.

The longer barrel also gives the gases and pressures more time to act on the bullet. 

This process leads to higher muzzle velocities and a higher effective range. Bullet grain affects the projectile’s performance whereby the heavier it is, the slower it will be, and the shorter distance it will travel.

Another reason why longer barrels may be more accurate is the longer sight radius, the distance between the rear sights, and foresight. This longer distance makes it easier to aim.

Longer barrels use slow-burning powders, which often lead to higher muzzle velocities and a flatter trajectory. But you’ll not find these powders in handgun ammo since their short barrels won’t give the powders enough time to burn.

A longer barrel also theoretically reduces muzzle flash and recoil from a handgun.

It’s never quite as simple as saying a longer barrel gives more muzzle velocity, as there are other factors, like chamber dimensions.

a Glock 40 in the hand

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a cheaper hunting pistol, the Glock G40 may be suitable for you.

Glock says it’s designed for hunting, tactical, and competitive shooting.

It has the longest barrel among Glock handguns, and it fires the 10mm Auto. 

Let’s not forget the improved accuracy, increased muzzle velocity, and other benefits you get from a longer barrel. Due to its larger size, it may not be the best concealed carry weapon though, but everyone has different ideas about what works for them.

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