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What’s The Difference Between Red And Green Dot Sights

If you are in the military or are still in training, chances are you’ve already encountered the terms red and green dot sights.  Have you ever wondered what these mean and what it entails for your weapons training?

This article will be able to answer your questions and offer you more information.  If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to continue reading.

Word Meanings

The terms red and green dot sights refer to any number of weapons updates that uses either a red or green light/dot as a primary target point for practice.

Finding Out The Main Difference

There are usually different types of red or green dot sights that can be utilized for target practice.  This will be discussed later on in the article. For now, let us first answer the central question: What is the difference between a red and green dot sight?  Is there any? Or do they refer to the same thing?

The answer to this question depends entirely on the two types of vision receptors that we have.  These are the Rods and Cones.

The rods offer support for low-light vision while the cones help you to see color.  Your rods only function in low light when used with the chemical Rhodopsin.

This chemical is a little less sensitive to red.  This is why red is used for any gadget that can maintain night vision.

This being said, color has little effect on the quality of night vision that the weapons can provide.  It will also not let you see the lowest amount of light in the dark.

Our eyes are more sensitive to green light.  If you use that to lasers side by side, the green laser light will be looking much brighter than the red one while on the same power level.  This is why if you want to save battery power for your weapons, you should use green laser lights instead of red.

Additionally, green target laser lights are still far more expensive compared to red ones.  This is why if they are limited to higher-end weapons and gadgets.

A red dot sight

Other Considerations To Make

The Visual Capacity And The Diodes

When buying the targeting weapon, you should also consider the individual visual capacity of the user.  For example, what may be too bright for one may turn out to be too dim for the other. The diodes on the lasers also have different adjustment levels for brightness.

Because of these two main pieces of information, the minimum amount of green optics at night and the maximum read optics may not be fit for the task.

Additional Question: Why Are Night Vision Goggles Mostly Green In Color?

If you are working with night vision goggles, it may be quite difficult for you to move back and forth between green and red colors.  This is why most night vision goggles are tainted green. According to experiments by various gadget designers, images seen with night vision goggles are far sharper and more accurate if they are of green hue.

It also helps effectively save battery power.

Another consideration is the background.  Green dots might disappear in forest foliage while red dots might vanish when mixed in with other neon lights from cars or marquees.  Some scopes can switch from red to green. You have to think about your budget as well as the main reason for buying this particular gadget.

a green dot sight

Different Types Of Red Or Green Dot Sights

As mentioned earlier, different types of red dots can be used for various weapons and arms.  These are as follows:




This refers to tiny target dots that utilize prisms to focus on the image that you want to see with the weapon scope as opposed to traditional lenses.  These are called red or green dot sights because they reflect natural light which makes it seem like they are shining when focusing on an object.




These are the most common versions of the red dot sights.  Their usual aiming points are those from the rear of the target itself.  You only have a single focal point with this particular type of sight. To cite the prism tight, it is extremely small.




These are target sites that are similar to reflex sites in terms of appearance.  The main difference is that holographic sites frequently use glass layered reticles.

Red Dot vs Green Dot sights

The Pros And Cons Of Red And Green Sights

The Ultimate Advantages

These particular target sights are incredibly versatile.  It doesn’t matter what kind of shooting weapon you use. It will still work with ease.  You can also work with non-battery powered sights as well as the opposite ones.

Another advantage of these target sites is that they are extremely simple and easy to use.  Once you have your target on your sights, you just off merely have to point your weapon and shoot.

In addition to this, you don’t even have to close one of your eyes to focus on your target; you can do this with one of your eyes open.  This is why red dot sights are highly recommended especially for people who are just beginning to learn how to shoot.

The Disadvantages

Just like any other products though there are also some disadvantages that you have to watch out for.  Here they are as follows:

Depending on the type of sight you have, there are different disadvantages as well.  For example, prism sights require you to be closer to the target for your aim to be more accurate.  

In addition to this, holographic sights are far more expensive than the traditional ones.

The Final Words

These are just some of the main points to remember when it comes to choosing the right kind of red dot sights that you can have for your weapon.  Whatever color you want, what is essential is that you can find the sight that is best for your needs.

Choose a sight that will allow you to get your target in a much easier fashion.  This way, you will enjoy training even more so than before.

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