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What’s The Best Glock For Small Hands

If you have small hands, finding a gun that fits comfortably and is easy to use can be a little tricky. Going down the rabbit hole of finding the right size gun has probably led you to look at Glocks. 

So, what is the best Glock for someone with small hands? You will probably find that the Glock 43 is what you are looking for. It is very small, very compact, with a very short barrel. It is as close to a snub nose as you are going to get without completely losing the stopping power needed in a weapon for self-defense. 

Finding a gun that’s right for you is not just a matter of comfort, but safety. We are all different, with different wants and needs when it comes to sidearms. Some of us want the biggest gun possible, some of us don’t. Some of us might even want to go in the opposite direction. 

This article will cover not only the problems of trying to use a bigger gun with small hands but why the Glock 43 is perfect for such a person.

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Smaller hands ordinarily will mean a smaller caliber weapon. As your gun decreases in size, it decreases in power. Look at the difference between a submachine gun and a handgun. Both could use the same 9mm ammunition, but the range and power are very different. 

So, that means we are going to need to find a smaller gun that retains a decent amount of stopping power. What’s the point in having a handgun if it isn’t going to stop your would-be attacker. 

Just because you require a smaller gun, doesn’t mean you are stuck using a glorified BB gun.

But, why do you need a smaller gun? Just because someone may have smaller hands shouldn’t necessarily mean they need a smaller gun, should it? Unfortunately, it does. Of course, just because your hands aren’t objectively big doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use a bigger gun. 

So long as you have the strength to do so, you should be fine to operate more or less any firearm. The problem comes when we start looking at the need for accuracy. If you need to fire accurately down the sights at a would-be attacker, or even fire from the hip, using a bigger weapon is going to be highly problematic. 

The bigger the gun is relative to your hand the harder it is to have a firm grip and a well-balanced technique. Balance is everything when it comes to accuracy, without it you are leaving it up to fate whether or not you hit your target.

Why does stopping power matter? Because you are trying to protect yourself. If someone is coming at you, god forbid, you need to put them down. Power is key. If you have never been shot or seen someone get shot, you likely don’t truly know what it’s like when a bullet hits someone. If its a low caliber weapon, when you shoot someone you are not going to blow them off their feet like in the movies. What is more likely to happen, is in the heat of the moment when the adrenaline is pumping, is that they will shrug off that one bullet and keep going for a short while. You need a gun that, for lack of a more politically correct term, puts your would-be attacker on their ass. You need a Glock 43.

A Glock 43 on the table

The Glock 43

When you are looking for a compact yet powerful weapon, you want a Glock. Glock has a reputation for reliability, accuracy, and ease of use across their entire range of weapons. When you try to find the right balance between size, weight, and power. The Glock 43 pulls ahead. 

And here’s why:

The Glock 43 is a very small weapon, small in size, small in weight, and even small in capacity. Due to its size, it only carries 6 rounds in its magazine. Plus one in the chamber. This may sound like a drawback, but realistically, it isn’t. 

The cost of having fewer bullets allows you to have bigger ones. You are still using a high caliber 9mm, you just have less of them. It only takes one bullet to stop your attacker. You will have 7 of them. 

The Glock 43 is also very light, even when loaded. It weighs just 20.64 ounces or 585 grams. Not much more than a bottle of water. You will hardly notice that you are carrying it on you, neither will anyone else. It even has a trigger pull of 24 newtons, 4 less than the popular Glock 19 model. A lighter trigger pull makes firing easier. 

If you have smaller hands, you may not have the power to pull a heavier trigger. With the Glock 43, this isn’t a problem. 

Lastly, the length of the gun is just 6.26 inches long. Meaning it will fit easily anywhere on your body, holster, pocket, leg holster, chest holster or concealed in a bag. It is perfectly sized to fit easily into even the smallest handbag or laptop bag. 

You might worry that a shorter gun means a shorter barrel and worse accuracy, which it would, but the 43 has a 3.41-inch barrel. For comparison, the much larger Glock 19 has a barrel that is 4 inches long. The difference is minimal, the power is more or less equal, but the 43 is far smaller and far lighter. 

Other Glocks For Small Hands

There are some other choices of Glock, of course, if the 43 doesn’t suit your needs exactly. The best two options are the Glock 26 and the Glock 44. Both are small, both are lightweight, but have a few glaring differences. For example. the 26 is very similar to the 43 in a lot of ways. The 26 is 9mm, but it weights substantially more. 

Largely, because it is also carrying 4 more rounds in the magazine. And, of course, a bigger magazine. This is the cost of quantity, but you aren’t necessarily getting an increase in quality. 

Then, you have the Glock 44. The 44 is interestingly lighter than the 43, by almost 100 grams, and carries four more rounds. But, you lose stopping power. You are going to be using 22LR ammunition rather than 9mm. 

These rounds might not have the power to put someone down, on their own, but if you can pepper someone full of bullets, of course, they aren’t going anywhere. For the better marksman, the 44 may be better than the 43. Maybe. It is largely a matter of personal preference. 


Hopefully, this article has served you well in finding the best Glock for someone with smaller hands. The 43 is probably your best bet, it does everything relatively well and is a good jack of all trades high caliber weapon. 

If you prefer a lighter weapon, the 44 might be right up your alley. If you are comfortable with a heavier weapon, the 26 could be what you are looking for. All are great guns. All great for people with smaller hands.



  1. That’s exactly what I wanted to know. Just bought a Glock44 and I wasn’t sure it was the right choice for my small hands.

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