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What’s the Best Budget Holographic Sight?

Holographic sights are an outstanding choice for a red dot optic. EOTech teamed up with Bushnell to unveil its first commercial holographic in 1996. Since then, the company’s Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS) have become an industry standard.

The possible problem is you should be ready to shell out $1,000+ for an EOTech HWS. Even Vortex’s Razor Holographic will require you to plunk down about $400. If you’re looking for the best budget holographic sight you have better options.  In fact, you can find some decent units in the under-$200 range from companies like Primary Arms and Burris. You won’t get all the bells and whistles, but the overall quality and features are decent.

Comparison Chart

Name Weight Brightness NV Battery
MD-RBGII Micro Red Dot Sight 8.8 oz. 11 Y CR2032
MD-RBGII Micro Red Dot Sight    3.2 oz. 5 Y 3V
Tactical Holographic Dot Reflex Sight 1 lb. 3 Y CR1632

MD-RBGII Micro Red Dot Sight by Primary Arms


The MD-RBGII Micro Red Dot (click HERE to see the reviews on Amazon) is the company’s second-gen. model with an affordable under-$100 price point while maintaining high-durability and quality. It’s loaded with perks that would justify a $300 price tag. It all starts with the sturdy aluminum housing w/ O-rings to make the unit water/fog-proof.

The company throws in a Picatinny rail mount with the optic so you can mount it as soon as you take it out of the box. It also features height/co-witness functionality with your weapon’s iron sights. The Primary Arms unit also provides 1,000 hours of battery life before you have to swap in a new CR2032 battery.

The red dot delivers clarity and flexibility. This optic is very crisp and clear thanks in part to the multi-coated lens. This adds protection and better clarity. The model has 11 brightness settings and is compatible with night vision devices (NVDs). This allows you to operate the unit in all lighting environments. There’s a bikini lens cover to protect the glass and boost durability. The red dot also offers ½ MOA audible adjustments.



The optic’s housing features hard anodized 6061 aluminum. This makes the optic water/fog-proof. The unit provides excellent durability for the price point.


The lens is multi-coated to provide a crisp and clear image.

Brightness Settings

You can easily cycle through 11 brightness settings for using the unit during daytime/nighttime. You can even use the unit with NVDs.


The CR2032 battery gives you a battery life of 1,000 hours or 40+ days.


The unit is bundled with a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny-style rail mount. This offers more convenience since you can mount it quickly and head out to the shooting range or hunting field. You also get other mounting options for microdot riser mounts. This allows you to co-witness the sight with the gun’s irons.

Tactical Holographic Dot Reflex Sight by UUQ


This UUO rifle scope (click HERE to see the reviews on Amazon) features an ergonomic design that makes it a cinch to use. It also doubles as a tactical holographic reflex sight and is ideal for moving targets during hunting trips. This red dot optic is ideal for different hunting/shooting applications. The scope features pinpoint accuracy. You get a detachable red/green laser optic with a 100m to 300m range.

Green lasers are ideal for daytime and red is better for nighttime use. The built-in mount eliminates the need to rezero-in after mounting the scope to a dismounted optic. Meanwhile, the scope’s 3V lithium battery has a long battery life due to low power consumption. Finally, the unit is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The reticle/lenses are loaded with features that boost clarity and accuracy. The scope includes 4 reticles and 4 dot sizes. You get 4x to 12x magnifications. This ensures accurate shooting even when aiming at 100 meters away.

The 33mm reflex lens provides a wide field of view (FOV).  You get a detachable red/green laser sight with a 100m to 300m range. Green lasers are ideal for daytime and red is better for nighttime use. There’s also unlimited eye relief and parallax correction for more comfortable firing.



You can use this sight with different firearms like rifles, shotguns, and handguns. It features an ergonomic design, so it’s easy to use and carry. The sight is ideal for moving targets and rapid-fire shooting.


The red dot is multi-reticle with 4 patterns and 4 different dot sizes. This offers more versatility based on different shooting situations.


The 33mm reflex lenses provide a wide FOV for more accurate shooting. There’s also unlimited eye relief and parallax correction for more comfort when shooting.


This sight includes 4X to 12X magnification. It helps to ensure your shots are more precise/accurate even at 100m distances. This provides more versatility for different hunting/shooting applications.


Windage/Elevation adjustments are a cinch with Allen head/locking screw.


The 3V lithium battery is long-lasting due to low-power consumption.


You get a built-in mount. So, there’s no need to re-zero in the sight when mounting to a detached sight.

FastFire III by Burris


The Burris Fastfire III is a 3MOA sight (click HERE to see the reviews on Amazon) with Picatinny mount. The optic has a lightweight yet durable design. This unit can be used as a primary sight or used atop an existing one. This unit is compatible with just about all optic-friendly handguns, including rifles, shotguns, and handguns. So, if you do competitive shooting it’s an outstanding choice.

Let’s talk about the reticle and lens. It features a clear red dot at point of impact within the FOV. This boosts the unit’s speed and accuracy. Your options include 3MOA for rifles and 8MOA dot for short-range shooting. You get three brightness settings to adjust for different lighting environments.



The FastFire 3 includes a 3MOA and 8MOA size. You can pick either one for your shooting needs. The smaller 3MOA is ideal for rifles and precise shooting. Meanwhile, the 8MOA is ideal for short-range shooters like shotguns and handguns.

Windage/Elevation Adjustments

The windage/elevation controls are precise/accurate and a cinch to adjust.


The battery compartment is located on top. This makes it easy to swap in a new battery without needing to remove the entire optic. The battery life is up to 5 years due to the time-out feature that is triggered after 8 hours.

Brightness Settings

This automatic feature lets you adjust brightness quickly and easily for different environmental situations. You can also adjust the brightness settings manually.


Burris offers several mounts that can be paired with the FastFire 3. This includes various options for rifles, shotguns, and pistols. You can mount the unit on different weapons like AR-332.


So, what’s the best budget holographic sight? After careful consideration, we’re ready to share our pick for the top budget-friendly holographic:  MD-RBGII Micro Red Dot Sight by Primary Arms. While it’s in the under-$100 price range, this unit could easily be priced 2x or 3x higher.

Let’s start with durability. The housing is made of sturdy hard anodized aluminum and includes O-rings. This offers protection from water and fog. You also get a lens cover to protect the glass and aluminum caps for MOA adjustments. This makes the sight ideal for various applications like hunting, target shooting, a and competitions.

The MD-RBGII Micro also offers tons of versatility and convenience. The bundled mount lets you install the unit out of the box. You can even co-witness the sight before zeroing-in. Other features include multi-coated lenses, 11 brightness settings, NVD-compatibility, and 1,000-hour battery. When shopping for a budget holographic sight, Primary Arms Micro should be the prime choice.


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