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What’s Best Red Dot for Night Vision?

Are you in the market for a red dot sight with night vision functionality? This can include various models including ones that are compatible with night vision devices (NVDs). These units function by mounting the NVD behind the sight’s rail or on a helmet. Then when you switch on the dot intensity switch the first settings can be used with NVDs. So, the NVD is required to view the dot.

We’ll be reviewing the best red dot for night vision in different price ranges. This includes the products’ features, benefits, and drawbacks. We’ll also provide some key features to consider when shopping.

Red Dot Sights Comparison Chart


Name Weight Feature 1 Feature 2
2.5-10x40e Red/Green Scope by CVLIFE 2 pounds clear image red/green dots
RD-50 PRO Red Dot Sight by AT3 Tactical 20.5 ounces 10x magnification High-end aluminum
Sparc II Red Dot Sight by Vortex Optics 11.2 ounces lifetime warranty 50,000-hr. battery


Buying Guide

When searching for the best red dot sight here are some key features to consider:

Housing Styles

The main styles are tube and open. The tube style sight looks more like traditional sights. The housing lets the shooter add protective covers and filters to the lens. This could make the dot easier to see when in bright environments.

Meanwhile, open sights don’t have the traditional tube style. These sights contain just the basics including a source of illumination and objective window for seeing through. Open housing configurations have less room for add-ons so users can’t add filters to improve the viewing experience.

Reticle Style

The reticle’s style is basically the “red dot” that the shooter uses to line up the gun with the target. Reticles are always designed to be lit up in order to make shooting in low-light environments easier.

That said, they don’t have to be red or even one dot. Red dot sights have different colors/patterns. The key is to pick one that provides comfy shooting.

The different styles range from one dot to bullseye/crosshair patterns that are shown in red or green. Ideally, you should look for sights that can use different patterns to tweak to the color wanted.

The reticle’s size can also be adjusted frequently. A larger dot usually means the target is faster. It’s advisable to go with basic styles so you can naturally line up your eye with the reticle’s center for quicker target location.

Protection Options

Red dot sights contain reflex and holographic sights. Holographic projections illuminate the sight from the lens’ front. Meanwhile, a laser diode light gets projected onto the viewing window. This produces a holographic red dot to help aim at the target.

Reflex sight projections are more common in recreation-focused red dot sights. This type of sight reflects Led lights that are located behind the sight’s lens into the user’s line of sight.

Battery Life

The sight’s battery life is very important. This makes sure the reticle will be available when you need. A sight with a short battery life could cause lights out when you’re ready to shoot.

Reflex sights using LEDs to produce a red dot use significantly less energy vs. holographic products. Look for sights with a battery life of about 1,000 hours.

You can also save battery life but switching off the sight when you’re not using it. Cold-weather shooing can also affect the battery’s life. So, it’s advisable to always bring a backup battery with you.

Red Dot Sights Product Reviews

Under-$50 Price Range

2.5-10x40e Red/Green Scope by CVLIFE

Features and Benefits

cvlifeHigh Light Remittance

That’s due to the multi-coated green lens. This provides a higher light transmittance vs. blue lens. In fact, this unit provides 90%+ light transmission.

Kellner Eyepiece

The dioptric adjustment lens gets rid of most image aberration for a clearer image.


The unit is made of high-end aircraft aluminum. This helps to extend the lifespan of the red dot sight.

2mm Mounts

Since the mounts are bundled with the sight, you won’t have to buy the item separately, which would add to the total cost of the site.

Magnification 2-10X

This is a plus over other red dot sights with less magnification and allows you to engage in mid/long-range shooting.


  • Good value for the price
  • Durable optics
  • Magnification up to 10x
  • Ideal for close/medium range
  • Good accuracy and functionality


  • Might become loose
  • Quality control issues
  • Blurry at high magnification


$50 to $100 Price Range

RD-50 PRO Red Dot Sight by AT3 Tactical

Features and Benefits

rd-50-at3-tacticalHigh Durability

The unit is fully waterproof and includes sealed housing to protect the components and extend lifespan. The shockproof-circuitry provides resistance from rough handling. The anodized finish resists scratches.

Mount/Amor Lightweight

The sight is bundled with lightweight mount/armor.

Very Accurate

This sight includes 2 MOA red dots for accurate 2-eyes open shooting. 11 brightness settings offer high-end visibility for all light conditions. Lens is scratch-resistant and multi-coated

Battery Life

The battery life offers 50,000 hrs. at the unit’s lowest brightness setting. A lithium battery is bundled with the red dot sight.


  • Good value for the price
  • Holds zero very well
  • Easy to install/sight in
  • Dot is very clear
  • 11 brightness setting


  • Red dot might not move
  • Less durable than it looks
  • Low-quality screws


$100 to $150 Price Range

Sparc II Red Dot Sight by Vortex Optics

Features and Benefits

vortex-sparcHighly compact

User Customization

The 3-piece base is modular and offers 4 different mounting heights for customization of user/weapon. This provides more versatility.

10 Illumination Settings

The 2 MOA dot is easy to use. You can pick from 10 illumination settings. The lowest 2 settings are compatible with night vision.

Very Durable

The sight is made from aircraft grade aluminum. It includes a 1-piece durable/lightweight body. This provides shock-proof performance even with impact/recoil. The sight is also water/fog-proof due to the nitrogen purging.

Flexible Mounting

You can mount the sight on several platforms using the high/ow mount and spacer. Correct mounting is important, and the proper steps should be followed in order to get the best results.

Highly Compact

The sight is very compact yet includes many features.

Multi-coated lenses

This provides a clear FOV. The unit is also parallax free for unlimited eye relief. Elevation/windage turrets tweak the point of impact either up/down or left/right.


  • Very lightweight/compact
  • Modular design
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • User customization
  • Unlimited eye relief


  • Illumination gets stuck
  • Tube clear in daylight

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