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What Are The Glock .45 ACP Models?

The .45 ACP caliber has been involved in caliber wars for a very long time. It’s often compared to the 40 S&W and the 9mm.

But regardless of which caliber you prefer, you can’t ignore that the .45 ACP is still one of the best calibers for self-defense and combat.

That’s why major companies like Glock still manufacture firearms chambered for the .45 ACP. So what are the Glock .45 ACP models?

The Glock 21, Glock 30, Glock 36, and Glock 41 are the major variants that fire the .45 are manufactured in the .45 ACP. Each of these handguns has it’s versions that differ in size and functionality.

The glock 45 ACPs

The Glock .45 ACPs At A Glance

Glock handguns are some of the most popular in self-defense, law enforcement, military use, and self-defense. They are known for being very durable and reliable. 

So how do Glock .45 ACP hold up compared to other firearms of the same caliber? 

Let’s find out. 

Below is a brief overview.

Handgun Barrel Length (Inches) Weight when unloaded (pounds) L*W*H (Inches) Magazine Capacity
Glock 21 4.60 1.87 8.22*1.27*5.47 13+1
Glock 21 (Gen4 and SF) 4.60 1.83 1.83 13+1
Glock 30 3.77 1.66 6.96*1.27*4.80 10+1
Glock 30 (Gen4 and SF) 3.77 1.64 6.88*1.27*4.80 10+1
Glock 30 S 3.77 1.43 6.96*1.27*4.80 10+1
Glock 36 3.77 1.40 6.96*1.10*4.76 6+1
Glock 41 5.31 1.67 8.90*1.28*5.47 13+1

The Glock 21 (Gen4 and SF)

One of the major issues raised in caliber wars is the 9mm magazine capacity over the .45 ACP. 

It doesn’t have to be an issue anymore since the Glock 21 has a 13+1 magazine capacity. Just like most Glocks, the Glock 21 is composed of polymers, which make it durable and light, even when it’s loaded. 

Its capacity, durability, high accuracy, and minimum recoil make it one of the most preferred handguns in law enforcement.

Glock 21 SF

The G21 SF is a smaller version of the Glock 21. Hence, SF means a “short frame.” Based on the table we’ve shown above, the length is shorter to accommodate people with smaller hands. 

Other than the size difference, the G21 SF functions the same as the G21.

Glock 21 Gen4

The G21 Gen4 is an upgrade to the G21 SF. Initially, the G21 was larger and uncomfortable for most shooters. The G21 Gen4 is the same size as the SF, but the grip is less abrasive and comfortable to hold a firm grip.

Another fascinating feature is the Modular Back Strap, which can be customized for different hand sizes. You’ll also love the intuitive reversible magazine catch. It makes it easier to change the magazine while preventing any accidental release.

A Glock 21

The Glock 30 (Gen4, S, SF)

If you’re looking for a smaller but practical handgun, the Glock 30 could possibly suit you. 

It’s smaller than the G21, and it has a 10+1 magazine capacity. 

But it can also work with the G21 13+1 magazine. Some users claim that the smaller size and less weight lead to more recoil, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. 

If you’re used to the G21, the G30 will need some getting used to.

Glock 30 SF

This model is smaller than the Glock 30, but it shares magazines with the G30 and G21. 

It’s perfect for concealed carry since it still has the same power and magazine capacity as the other two Glocks. But if you had problems adjusting to the G30, it will be even more challenging to adjust to this G30 SF due to the smaller frame.

Glock 30 Gen4

This model is the same as the SF but with some upgrades. 

Like in the G21 Gen4, it has an advanced magazine catch, customizable back straps, and comfortable but firm grip. It also features a dual recoil spring that ensures softer recoil and preserves the recoil spring.

Glock 30 S

This is the smallest Glock 30 handgun. It has a thinner slide, and it’s lighter than the other models. It was designed to enhance concealability, but its functionality is similar to the Gen4 and SF models.

A Glock 30

The Glock 36

This is another excellent concealed carry handgun. It is one of Glock’s pistols that use the SLIMLINE design. It also has the dual spring and Safe Action trigger.

But it has some drawbacks you can’t ignore. First, it uses a single stack magazine that has a 6+1 capacity. 

This is quite limited, considering even the Glock 30 S can hold at least 10 rounds. Secondly, it doesn’t have the adjustable back straps. It still makes an excellent concealed-carry handgun, but there are possibly better options.

A Glock 36

The Glock 41 (Gen4, Gen4 MOS)

The G41 Gen4 is the most versatile Glock handgun. It’s similar to the G21 and other Gen4 models since it has the adjustable back straps and a firm grip. It also features the advanced magazine release system.

So what makes it unique? For starters, it has the longest barrel (5.31 inches) and new slide design. It also has a 13+1 magazine capacity. These features enable it to maintain balance, accuracy, and minimize recoil. 

If you’re used to the G21, then you can easily transition to the G41.

Glock 41 Gen4 MOS

This is the G41 Gen4 with a MOS configuration. This configuration enables you to mount a reflex sight on the slide without using a mounting system or installing a new slide.

A Glock 41

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Those are Glock .45 ACP models in the market today. 

Whether you’re looking for a handgun for concealed carry or combat, you’ll find a Glock that suits you. Glock guns also have a wide variety of aftermarket parts. 

So you don’t have to worry about where to get accessories for them.


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