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How Much Does A Handgun Weigh (Loaded and Unloaded Examples)

When choosing a handgun, especially for concealed carry, the weight of the firearm will be a big consideration. Weight impeeds speed as a normal rule.

So how much does a handgun weigh? In short, while this varies from style and caliber, a handgun will weigh between 500g and 950g. Popular 9mm handguns weigh between 650g and 950g and the most popular concealed carry firearms weigh between 400g and 700g.

While there are a lot of details available for different firearms, each manufacturer or website seems to give out different data on the official websites.

While I have endeavored to retain original data, some are my best guesstimates. For example, on some firearms, I couldn’t find any data on the loaded weight. So I had to add the weight of a known 9mm round (around 12 grams), times it by the number of rounds the firearm can carry and add it to the known weight of the unloaded weapon.

Occasionally I had to go on flimsy evidence of a magazine weight and take it off the known unloaded weight quoted.

There are obviously deviations in weapon construction, even within the models. Wherever possible I have tried to use the version consistent with the title.

All errors and omissions are mine.

I did a lot of research for this article to make it as accurate as possible, typing weight, weight empty, specs, loaded, without magazine, magazine weight etc into google for every firearm listed so that it as accurate as possible.

How Much Do The Most Popular Firearms Weigh

One way to judge the popularity of a firearm is through the overall sales within a year.

Glock 26

Various different sites on a google search reveal several different contenders for popular firearms, but in general, the table below illustrates the weight of the common ones.

ModelWeight (Unloaded)Weight (With Magazine)Magazine CapacityWeight (Loaded)
SIG Sauer P320 – 9mm700g833g17960g
Glock 43 – 9mm460g510g6585g
Kel-Tec PMR-30 - .224397g500g30556g
Glock 26 – 9mm550g610g10730g
Sig Sauer P365 – 9mm430g500g10575g
Ruger LCP – 380 ACP272g372g6408g
Glock 19 – 9mm600g670g15855g

How Much Do The Popular Concealed Firearms Weigh

Different from popular firearms purchased is the choice of the US population for a firearm when considerations for carry weight and draw speed might be a consideration.

Beretta PX4 storm

According to concealednation.org these are the popular choices for a concealed carry pistol.

ModelWeight (Unloaded)Weight (With Magazine)Magazine CapacityWeight (Loaded)
Glock 26 – 9mm550g610g10730g
M&P Shield – 9mm520g590g7663g
Beretta PX4 SC Storm – 9mm680g740g15895g
Sig Sauer P220 – .45 ACP780g862g151150g
Ruger LCP – 380 ACP272g372g6408g
Kahr CM9 – 9mm330g396g6460g

As the table shows, the popular firearms for concealed carry have a slightly smaller weight than those purchased for regular use.

How Much Do The Popular 9mm Firearms Weigh

Whether everyone agrees or not, many people prefer the power of a 9mm in a pistol, it being a good combination of weight, stopping power and magazine capacity for most shooters.

Beretta 92FS


According to gunbacker.com, the best 9mm pistol handguns are tabled below.

ModelWeight (Unloaded)Weight (With Magazine)Magazine CapacityWeight (Loaded)
Glock 19 – 9mm 600g670g15855g
M&P Shield – 9mm520g590g7663g
Browning Hi Power – 9mm820g907g131163g
CZ 75B – 9mm 910g1023g161215g
SPRINGFIELD XD(M) – 9mm730g822g13978g
Sig Sauer P226 – 9mm870g964g151035g
Walther P99 – 9mm610g680g15860g
Beretta 92FS – 9mm870g945g151125g
H&K VP9 – 9mm650g724g15904g
Ruger SR9 – 9mm680g751g17955g

How Much Does An Automatic Weigh

Most people choose an automatic nowadays, rather than a revolver.

CZ 75B

ModelWeight (Unloaded)Weight (With Magazine)Magazine CapacityWeight (Loaded)
Glock 19 – 9mm600g670g 15855g
Glock 26 – 9mm550g610g10730g
Beretta 92FS – 9mm870g945g 151125g
Sig Sauer P226 – 9mm870g 964g151035g
M&P Shield – 9mm520g 590g 7663g
CZ 75B – 9mm910g1023g161215g
Ruger SR9 – 9mm680g 751g17955g

How Much Do Popular Home Defense Firearms Weigh

When selecting a firearm for home defense, the decisions consumers might seem take into account different factors.

Walther PPQ


According to CaveArmor, the following is a list of popular firearms for home defense.

ModelWeight (Unloaded)Weight (With Magazine)Magazine CapacityWeight (Loaded)
Glock 19 – 9mm 600g 670g15855g
Walther PPQ – 9mm 615g695g15855g
Ruger SR9c – 9mm 581g663g17781g
CZ PO9 – 9mm 820g895g191150g
Glock 23 – .40 600g670g13885g
Beretta 92FS – 9mm 870g945g151125g
Glock 21 – .45 Auto 745g 830g131100g
SPRINGFIELD XD(M) – 9mm 730g822g13978g
Sig Sauer 229 – 9mm 830g905g151100g
Glock 17 (original) – 9mm 625g705g17915g

I find this list quite interesting.

There isn’t a single 22LR or .380 on it. It seems when protecting your family is being considered, the mantra appears to be maximum damage and plenty of it. There’s a  lot of high capacity 9mm firearms on that list.

The moral, don’t break into other peoples properties.

How Much Do .45 ACPs Weigh

You might expect a .45 ACP firearm to be a little heavier and you’d be right.

Heckler and Koch USP Tactical

According to PewPewTactical, these are the most popular .45 ACP firearms.

ModelWeight (Unloaded)Weight (With Magazine)Magazine CapacityWeight (Loaded)
Glock 21 – .45 Auto745g 830g131100g
Glock 30SF – .45 Auto675g 745g10955g
M&P 45 Shield M2.0 – .45 ACP580g643g7700g
Sig Sauer P220 Legion – .45 ACP790g862g8950g
Walther PPQ – .45 ACP720g793g 12970g
Glock G21, Gen 4 – .45 ACP 745g830g 131100g
HK 45 USP Tactical – .45 ACP 861g 929g121100g

How Much Do Revolvers Weigh

Being a completely different kind of firearm, you might imagine they weigh somewhat differently than automatics and semi-automatics, not least of which is the lower round count.

Ruger Redhawk

From AmericanRifleman, these are the most common revolvers.

ModelWeight (Unloaded)Cylinder CapacityWeight (Loaded)
Kimber K6S – .357652g6694g

Colt Cobra .38 Special708g6768g
Ruger Redhawk 3571300g81380g
Smith & Wesson Model 686 1270g61330g
Korth Sky Hawk – 9mm 557g6617g
Smith & Wesson 642 – .38 special 425g5475g
Smith & Wesson 629 – 44 magnum 1275g61335g
Ruger Wrangler – .22LR 850g6610g
Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard 38 403g5453g

How Much Do Women’s Guns Weigh

While all tables in this article are composite averages, what sort of weights do women pick when they are after a firearm.

Let’s take a look.

Sig sauer 365

According to WellArmedWoman, the following is a list of the popular choices for women.

ModelWeight (Unloaded)Weight (With Magazine)Magazine CapacityWeight (Loaded)
Glock 43 – 9mm460g 510g6585g
M&P Shield – 9mm 520g590g8670g
Glock 19 – 9mm 600g 670g15855g
Sig Sauer 238 – 9mm – 0.380 370g431g6490g
S&W EZ Shield – 0.380 470g525g8600g
Sig Sauer P365 – 9mm 440g500g10600g
Ruger LC9s – 9mm 440g488g7560g
Ruger LCP – 380 ACP 272g372g6408g
Glock 42 – .380 Auto 345g390g6450g
Springfield XDS – 9mm 550g609g9690g
Sig Sauer P938 – 9mm 400g 453g7520g

This is quite interesting. Women it seems, tend to prefer the smaller capacity over the drop in firepower. In other words, they would prefer a smaller gun, with fewer rounds than consider dropping stopping capacity.

Chances are good that a woman’s concealed carry is a 9mm.

How Much Do 22 Pistols Weigh

Sig Sauer Mosquito

According to GunNewDaily, the best 22 pistols out there are;

ModelWeight (Unloaded)Weight (With Magazine)Magazine CapacityWeight (Loaded)
Ruger SR22440g 496g10535g
Sig Sauer 1911 – 22LR 760g 832g10870g
Sig Mosquito 650g700g10735g
Walther P22 400g454g10490g
Browning Buckmark 900g964g101000g

Surprisingly, there appears to be some weighty 22LR pistols out there.

Is Weight Important In A Handgun?

When considering weight for a handgun it’s important to realize that it’s a very personal choice. Generally speaking, a weightier pistol will give less of a recoil kick, thus giving quicker accuracy but a well fitting gun to your choice can reduce this problem.

Pick a handgun that feels right as you shoot it first.

A weapon can ‘feel’ a little heavier if the top slide is made of metal as opposed to the Polymer of a Glock say, as the kinetic energy of the slide to a round being fired males the gun kick if the pistol is heavier than you need.

Again, always pick a gun that feels right in the hand, feels right to shoot and that you can easily manage.


Weight is only important in a handgun if it feels too big for your frame and size. There is no ‘real world’ advantage to a deliberately heavier gun over a lighter one you are more comfortable shooting.

People new to shooting can be quite surprised by the weight of a normal firearm, so if you want the same firepower, but want it a little lighter, then consider the range of Glocks. They seem to be around 200 grams less than their metal counterparts for equivalent firepower and magazine capacity.

Again, always go for a pistol that is comfortable and easy to control regardless of weight. It’s an interesting consideration, but only one of many, depending upon your preferred use for a firearm.


  1. Many new shooters are often surprised by how heavy a handgun is. The reality is that you don t want a gun that is too light or too heavy, and the goal for most shooters is to shoot accurately with utmost control.

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