Eotech exps vs xps

Eotech exps vs xps – Comparison Review


EOTech offers a wide range of holographic weapons sights (HWS) including the 2010s-launched Eotech EXPS vs XPS. The Michigan-based company teamed up with Bushnell 20+ years ago to unveil the first commercial holographic sight.  The two sights have lots of similarities but also have some significant differences.

How do these two holographic sights stack up? The two products are in the same under-$600 price range. However, there are some noteworthy differences. The EXPS is a little larger and heavier. It also offers push-button controls on the side while they’re in the rear of the XPS model. Since the latter is shorter, you’ll have more space to install accessories like a magnifier without upgrading your weapon to free up rail space.  Meanwhile, you should factor in the extra cost of a riser if you select the E model.

Comparison Chart





1.1 lbs.

0.5 lbs.


8x8x4 in.

3.8×2.1×2.5 in.





33 ft.

10 ft.





The E model includes several features. It offers 2-eyes-open firing. The boosted height offers access to iron sight co-witness in lower one-third of the viewing window. There’s also a quick-detach lever for fast removal and side bush buttons for adjustments. The sight operates with CR123 lithium battery.

This holographic sight is a good option for hunting and law enforcement. It’s one of the company’s series of quality HWS units.


This model is one of EOTech’s smallest and lightest holographic sights without night vision (NV). This makes it a good option for law enforcement and hunters.

The product also operates on one CR123 lithium battery. This frees up space on the rail for magnifiers and rear irons sights. If you’re looking for NV compatibility then you should consider XPS3 since it has that feature.

Similarities between EOTech EXPS vs XPS

1. Durability/Performance

Like other EOTech holographic sights, these two models offer high-quality units. You won’t have to worry about flimsy materials or poor designs.

In terms of performance, the two products both deliver in this area. Even if you’re an HWS newbie these products can improve your shooting. It’s advisable to pair your optic with old-school iron sights for more precise shooting.

2. Battery

Both holographic sights are powered by one CR123 lithium battery. The battery life for these batteries is about 600 continuous hours or 25 days for the two EOTech sights.

3. Brightness Settings

The two EOTech sights both include 20 brightness settings. This offers more versatility for different lighting environments even though NV compatibility isn’t offered with these versions.

4. Night Vision

It’s worth noting that neither of these HWS sights offer night vision (NV) compatibility. However, you get that feature with the EXPS3 and EXP3 so consider your particular needs.

5. Lens

Both of these holographic sights also include an anti-reflection coating. This boosts performance since there will be less glare when operating the sight.

6. Waterproof/Anti-fog

Both units include these features. There’s a difference in how deep each unit can be submerged since the E model can be submerged about 3x deeper than the SPX. However, each unit is certified waterproof.

7. Eye Relief

Both holographic sights offer unlimited eye-relief. This spec is the distance you should hold the shooting eye from the ocular (rear) lenses of sight so you can see the whole image it produces. If it’s too close or far then it affects the image you view.

It’s important for eye-relief on a sight to be high enough. This prevents the top of the sight contacting your eyebrow. An eye relief’s distance is usually related to the magnification of a particular sight.

8. MOA

Both units offer 1 minute of Angle (MOA). An MOA is equal to 1/60th of a degree. 1MOA appears as various sizes at various distances.

9. Warranty

The units are covered by a 2-year for defects related to materials/workmanship.

Differences between EOTech EXPS vs XPS

1. Adjustments

The location of the push-control buttons is different for the two units. They’re located on the side of the E model and on the rear of the XPS. The side location provides more space for mounting accessories on the rifle like a magnifier.

2. Variants

It’s worth noting that the E2 model is also available in an EXPS2-2 version. This holographic hybrid model features a ballistic dual dot reticle. You get the holographic sight with an attached G33 3x magnifier.

This is a good choice if you’re considering a magnifier. It’s already bundled with this unit so you won’t have to go through the rigamarole of buying a separate magnifier.

3. Mounting

This is another difference between the units worth noting. The E model includes a quick detach lever while the smaller unit includes mounting screws.

Which one is better? If you want more versatility then the E unit is a plus since you won’t have to waste time with an Allen key. This could be a big issue when you’re in the field.

4. Price

Both of these units are in the under-$600 price range. The E unit is slightly pricier than the XPS. The price difference is small, and it’s worth noting the E unit is a larger/heavier unit. That said, if you want a lighter and more compact unit then the smaller unit offers that PLUS a lower price tag.

5. Size/Weight

The XPS is smaller and lighter than the E model. It’s certainly something to consider if you’ll be hunting all day and have to haul around your rifle and hunting gear all day.

6. Reticle Patterns

Here’s another difference to consider. The E unit has 5 reticle patterns you can select from. The E model just has 2.

Is this a big deal? It’s probably less so than it might seem since you’ll just select one when you select a model.

7. Co-witness

The two units differ somewhat in this area. XPS series is completely co-witness while the E unit includes a 7mm riser, so the lower one-third is co-witness. For close-range shooting, the E model is a better option. The weapon’s iron sights won’t take up space in the window, so the field of view (FOV) is clearer.  


So, which option between the Eotech EXPS vs XPS is right for you? It depends on different factors. Both of these units feature durable and reliable sights that will improve your shooting in the field. They also include many of the same features/specs like MOA, battery, eye relief, brightness settings, and even price range.

That said, there are still some differences to consider. If you’re looking for a more compact unit that’s more accessory-friendly, then the XPS is a better option. The push-buttons’ side location also makes them more ideal for adding accessories.

There are a few other issues worth noting. There’s the degree of co-witnessing offered by each unit. The XPS is one-third co-witness while the E model is full co-witness. The E model offers more reticle patterns (5 vs 2) and is easier to detach. Finally, the XPS is slightly cheaper, but you’re also getting a smaller/lighter unit.

Which EOTech HWS unit is best for you? It’s important to weigh the features, pros, and cons of each one. The better holographic sight is the one that’s best for you.


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