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Best Reflex Sight Under $100

If you’re shopping for a budget-friendly reflex sight what can you get? It can be tough to find the best reflex sight under 100. The key is to look for factors like sturdy housing, clear reticle, and high flexibility. You can’t get the world for $100, but you can get a durable and reliable reflex sight.

My pick for the best under-$100 reflex-style sights is the DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight by DD Dagger Defense. It’s protected by a sturdy aluminum housing with ergonomic design.  This unit features 4 position reticles and red/green dots. You can make sighting tweaks using the locking set screw. The unit runs on one CR2032 battery.  You can easily make windage and elevation adjustments using a hex wrench. There’s also a rotary adjustment knob to tweak brightness and intensity, and either red/green reticle.

Under-$100 Reflex Sight Overview

What can you get for $100? If you do your homework probably more than you’d expect.  On one hand, you shouldn’t expect the crème de la crème for less than a hundred bucks. For example, you’ll still have the zero in the sight like other reflex-type sights. Meanwhile, you can also make more accurate shots at longer ranges.

That said, you’ll have to make some sacrifices for the price point. While you can get decent durability, you shouldn’t expect it to last as long as high-end units.

For a low-budget reflex sight, you also shouldn’t expect pinpoint accuracy at all ranges. On the other hand, features like unlimited eye relief and simply using a reflex-style sight can help to boost your shooting’s accuracy.

One issue to consider is the type of weapon you’ll be shooting. You can use most reflex sights for rifles and pistols. You might need a specialized unit for shooting air rifles and airsoft. Make sure to check a sight’s compatibility to see if you can use it on your weapon.

Comparison Chart





DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight by DD Dagger Defense

0.16 ounces

Red / Green

33 mm

Red and Green Reflex Sight by Field Sport

4 ounces

Red / Green

34 mm

Red and Green Reflex Sight by Feyachi   

7.2 ounces

Red / Green

33 mm

Best Reflex Sight Under $100

DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight by DD Dagger Defense


Veteran-owned Company

Purchasing this product gives you the chance to support a combat veteran of the US military.


The sight’s housing is made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum. It also includes an ergonomic design so you’ll have extra space on your weapons rail for installing other accessories if you wish to take that step.

Easy Installation

This is a major benefit of this unit. The DDHB can be installed easily on your weapons’ rail. The wrench is bundled with the unit so you won’t have to spend money to complete the task. You’ll just have to use 2 Allen screws to mount the sight to the rail.


The DDHB features 4 position reticles and red/green dots. This provides more versatility in terms of the color and location of the reticles. You can pick between the 4 different reticle patterns based on the one that best suits your needs.

The flexibility provides more value with this unit. That’s because other units only include a red dot and/or a limited number of reticle patterns. You’ll simply have fewer options in different shooting situations.

Elevation/Windage Adjustment

You can make these adjustments easily using the bundled hex wrench. When adjusting elevation just adjust “up” so the target moves up. Meanwhile, when adjusting the elevation adjusting right or left this moves the target in those directions.

Rotary Knob

This includes three functions that include reticle color and fade adjustment. This allows you to pick the brightness intensity. You can also toggle between red/green reticles.

It also functions for operating the battery compartment. The CR2032 battery is bundled with the reflex sight.

Sighting Adjustments

You can tweak these settings easily by just turning it 1-2x clockwise. It’s a critical feature for making fast and easy adjustments when you’re in the field.

Hex Wrenches

This reflex sight is also bundled with two hex wrenches. The smaller one allows you to set zero locks if necessary. Make sure only to only use this tool if zero doesn’t hold. If you need to lock the zero more just turn it 1-2x in a clockwise direction.

Make sure first to tighten the set screw before you turn it. That’s because it’s a free-floating screw. What’s the big deal? If you turn it more than 2x clockwise, this can damage the unit! That’s definitely something you’ll want to avoid.


Besides the sight itself, you also get some extras. They include a CR2032 lithium battery so you can juice up the sight right out of the box. There’s also Allen wrenches (2) and lens cleaning cloth for adjusting and tidying the lens.


  • Good value for under-$50 price tag
  • Can be installed without a riser
  • Outstanding customer service
  • User-friendly design
  • Fast mounting in minutes



  • Produces small glare when used indoors
  • Overall durability isn’t good
  • Might have problems zeroing in

Recommended Reflex Sights

Red and Green Reflex Sight by Field Sport

Red and Green Reflex Sight by Feyachi

Sure Shot Reflex Sight by Sightmark

Red Dot Sight by Ohuhu

Key Features When Buying Reflex Sight Under $100

When purchasing a budget reflex sight here are some of the most important features to consider:


If you’re paying less than $100, you shouldn’t expect top-notch quality. However, certain features are important like durability, accuracy, and ease of use. This will make it easier to operate the unit and help prevent possible issues with a problematic unit.

If you’re looking for an under-!00 reflex site then you should generally pick a unit closer to $100 for better quality. You’ll be making lots of compromises for under-$50 units.  

Ease of Use

Bells and whistles on a reflex sight are great but if they’re tough to navigate it’s not really worthwhile. Make sure you pick a unit with must-have features. If you take this approach then you’ll likely also get a more user-friendly model from the get-go.


A big problem with cheap reflex sights is they usually skimp on accuracy. That can be a problem whether you’re shooting on the range or in the field during hunting season.

Should you expect the world’s greatest accuracy for a $50 reflex sight? No, but it should be good enough. Even if the unit doesn’t have tons of perks this is one area you shouldn’t be willing to compromise in.


Make sure to consider the material used for the housing as well as the various components. For example, the housing should be a good-quality aluminum.

Look for shockproof units to handle recoil and waterproof units to withstand the elements. For the price range, you shouldn’t expect the highest waterproof rating, but it should be good enough to handle some rain and snow while you’re in the field.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best reflex flight under 100 can be challenging due to the rock-bottom price. The DDHB Red Dot Reflex Sight by DD Dagger Defense is the best overall option.

Here’s why. The DDHB is available in the under-$50 price range yet offers good value in terms of durability, accuracy, and ease of use. No, it’s not the world’s best reflex sight. That said, due to the overall quality it’s in the running for the best value.

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