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Are Laser Bore Sighters Accurate?

As a professional target shooter, it is essential that you have the best sighters available to you at all times. You can choose from quite a few sighters in the market. It can be quite a challenge to select the right one for you, right?

To resolve your problem, you have to consider a few critical criteria for sighters right off the bat.  One of these criteria and considerations that you have to make would be accuracy.

When it comes to accuracy, a laser bore sighter can give you what you need.  However, there’s one question left unanswered when it comes to these target rifle accessories.  How accurate are they? With this article, we will help you answer this question and find out more about the design and function of the laser bore sighters sooner rather than later.

What are you waiting for?  Continue reading now to learn more.

What Is A Laser Bore Sighter?

Before we talk about accuracy, you would have to understand what this particular rifle tool is and what it does.

A laser bore sighter refers to the tool used for the more modern methods of adjusting firearms and optical iron sights.  It uses a laser pointer to center the user’s aim, especially at night. Depending on the different brands of a laser bore sighters, they can work with these different distances as well.

It also uses the usual red dot as a marker for the laser pointer.

Answering The Question On Accuracy: The Variables Involved

sight pictureNow that you know the meaning and function of the laser bore sighter, we can now focus on solving the central question of this article.  Are laser bore sighters accurate? The answer is yes. However, there are a lot more considerations and variables that you need to consider when it comes to measuring the accuracy of the sighter.

Some of these variables are as follows:


This particular factor when it comes to the design of the barrel can affect the trajectory of the bullet.  For example, if the notches are aligned in such a way that it creates ridges within the barrel itself, chances are the bullet will not reach the target in a straight line.


This is the force by which an object is pushed away from its point of origin.  Depending on the amount of torque, the direction of the object, in this case, the bullet, can change course from a straight line to another entirely different angle.


The distance of the rifle or any other firearm from the target can also affect the user’s aim.  I think this is one of the most significant contributors to point and shoot accuracy in any firearm.  If you want to have the perfect shot, of course, being closer will give you an advantage.

In this regard, laser bore sighters as well as the other types available in the market today can give you an advantage when it comes to target accuracy even at a great distance.

Different brands also have recommended distances for each user.  The most would be added 25 feet range.

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Iron Sighters Versus Laser Bore Sighters

Compared to iron sighters which still heavily rely on human line of sight, we can safely say that laser bore sighters are far more accurate.  

This is primarily because of the red dot that remains visible even in the dark.  It means that you will be able to see your target under cover of darkness for sure.  Modern technology also affords shooters other pieces of equipment and significant advantages that allow you to increase the accuracy of your rifle.

Laser bore sighters our also known to be far less expensive than iron sighters mainly because of the availability of technology as well as the high demand for this nowadays.  

Additional Factors To Consider

There are also different bore sighter designs to choose.  One is shaped like a cartridge that you would have to attach to the gun chamber and barrel.  The laser pointer will then emanate from the barrel itself making the red or green dot visible to the naked eye.

This will make it easier for you to find your target and shoot without difficulty.  There are other pieces of equipment, and you can use and consider as well when it comes to target shooting.

These are as follows:


Aside from laser bore sighters or iron ones, you can use other different types of this particular tool for target practice.  From prism sighters to holographic ones, you will have a lot of trees available to you when it comes to devices that can increase the accuracy of your target shooting.


Aside from the sighters and modern rifles, you also have the advantage of using night vision goggles for target practice.  This will help you see better at night for sure and allow you to increase the accuracy of your shooting without much difficulty.


If you go online, you can choose from a lot of different available rifle designs if you’re looking for functionality and accuracy.

The specific design of the rifle can change how well you get your target too.  This device can also be designed to accommodate a varied range of circumstances and distances that can significantly affect accuracy in the long run.

This is why you wouldn’t have to worry about the accuracy of your sighter too much anymore.  There are a lot of other ways to compensate for imperfect accuracy when it comes to target shooting.  You have to know the right equipment to look for before you begin your target shooting endeavors.

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The Final Words

Accuracy depends on how well the naked eye measures the target representation.  Sighters are just tools that can be used to give you as the shooter a much more precise way of representing your distance from the target which in turn makes your aim more accurate.

This is why the final decision is still up to you whether you would want to use a traditional iron sighter or the laser bore sighter.  Which one of these tools are you most comfortable using?

If you can answer this question, everything else will follow for sure.  

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